Curriculum Information

The College’s Doctor of Optometry program is 10 semesters over four years. The curriculum begins with basic sciences, transitions to clinical courses, and concludes with a rich patient-based experience. Patient care begins in the first year, expands in the second and third year, and is nearly full time throughout the fourth year.

The Curriculum Grid is intended to give students a snapshot of the program, but the optometry curriculum is constantly being improved. For example, the course content and sequencing may have changed slightly by the time you reach a given year of the program. This is part of the College’s commitment to provide its graduates with the best education possible.

NOTE: The College transitioned over to semesters in June of 2012. As a part of this move, we have the following transition grids for our current student classes that started on quarters and will end on semesters:

For a description of material covered in each course, please take a look at our listing of Course Descriptions. OSU course information is also available under Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes on the University Registrar’s website.