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Take a look at the O-H-I-O Big Ten Network's segment on Dr. Heather Chandler's research on UV protective contact lenses

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“In the optometric community, the Ohio State University College of Optometry is known as the premier institution for patient-based research.”

Dr. Melvin Shipp, Dean

“Optometric research is meaningful for the individual doctor, the individual patient, the researcher (obviously), and ultimately for the optometric profession in general. I strongly believe that research that changes how optometrists take care of people is the underpinning of a true profession. Optometry has that kind of research portfolio.”

Dr. Karla Zadnik, Associate Dean

About our research!

Research in the College of Optometry aims to fill gaps in knowledge about visual science and optometry. The purpose of this search for knowledge is to improve education in visual science and optometry and thereby improve the quality of optometric care. Ohio State's College of Optometry is internationally recognized in the research areas of ocular physiology, contact lenses, infant and children's vision, vision rehabilitation, keratoconus, visual psychophysics, and visual perception.

The college maintains a research program in order to produce and disseminate new knowledge, to interact with researcher's from other disciplines at Ohio State and other institutions, and to educate researchers, faculty, and administrators in the fields of optometry and vision science.

More information on our research is available in the video provided below.