Notable Alumnus

Bernard S. Abrams
Class of 1952

Bernard S. Abrams (1929–2003) was the founder of the Institute of Vehicular Safety. He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Visual Optics at Ohio State. Dr. Abrams began pursuing his lifelong interest in traffic safety in 1954 as a member of the Ohio Traffic Commission. Over the years, his interest in night vision and vehicular accidents was enhanced by his work in electrophysiological testing of night vision in the aged. He lectured about vision on three continents; designed and built optical factories in several countries; and was Chairman of the Board of BSA Industries.

Dr. Abrams authored numerous papers and articles dealing with driver visibility, object conspicuity, and nighttime discernibility. He conducted research projects and served on committees related to the vision requirements of older drivers. Dr. Abrams served as a consultant to industry, attorneys, and governmental agencies. He was a nationally recognized expert witness in nighttime/daytime vehicular accidents.

He also had a movie made about his and his wife’s fight for treatment for their young daughter with a rare form of epilepsy that starred Jerry Lewis and Patty Duke,

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