Notable Alumnus

Gregory W. Good OD MS PhD
Class of 1975

Dr. Greg Good graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 1975 and entered active service in the United States Army. After 30 months of active service at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, he returned to Ohio State to enter the Graduate Program in Physiological Optics. Dr. Good received his PhD in 1981, advised by Dr. Ron Jones, and immediately joined the College of Optometry faculty. Dr. Good began teaching courses in lighting, public health, and low vision; however, during his final 15 years at the College, he primarily taught photometry, color vision, and environmental vision. Dr. Good's clinical focus was in serving the partially sighted, and he served as the Low Vision Clinic chief for 10 years. Over his last three years of college service, Dr. Good served as Assistant Dean for Clinical Services. Outside the college, Dr. Good served as the AOA representative to the ANSI Z87 Eye Safety Committee and as an officer in the Public Health and Environmental Vision Section of the American Academy of Optometry.

Dr. Good's primary research interests were in the development of vision standards and eye safety in industry. With the help of Dr. Arol Augsburger (OD/MS'71), Dr. Good developed vision standards for the Columbus Police Department and the Division of Fire. Dr. Good also served as a vision consultant for the Ohio Highway Patrol and Bureau of Motor Vehicles and played a key role in helping establish Ohio's bioptic driving program. Nationally, Dr. Good served as a consultant and helped set vision standards for the US Secret Service, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Customs and Border Patrol, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the US Forestry Service. Memorable moments with these groups include: riding with a US Customs Special Agent who was putting on his protective vest over his head as he drove at 100 mph chasing a drug runner near the Mexican border; participating in an ambush on the "president" and his protective force at the Secret Service Training Academy; accompanying a border patrol agent to serve an arrest warrant to a non-citizen suspect at 5:00 A.M.; and, while flying in the cockpit of a US Customs radar plane over the Gulf of Mexico, hearing the pilot say "Whoa, that would have been bad," as he veered to barely miss a flock of large migrating birds.

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