Employee Focus 2024

Employee Focus on Emma Grant

June 2024

Emma GrantThere’s never a typical day on the job at The Ohio State University College of Optometry for Clinical Research Coordinator Emma Grant. A true “people person,” Emma puts her education (a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in clinical research) and love for interacting with others to good use, organizing adult and pediatric clinical trials. “What brings me the most joy in my work is the research participants,” she says. “At any given time we typically have about 100 participants enrolled in research, so I get to meet lots of new people. I also love the team I work with and have enjoyed learning about the field of optometry.”

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Employee Focus on Kerri McTigue

May 2024

Walter WuSenior Graphic Designer Kerri McTigue approaches each project with the sensibility of a classically trained artist. If you’ve seen our clinic’s iconic “Cool Brutus” art or noticed the beautiful optometric-themed imagery throughout Fry Hall and The Optometry Clinic, you’re familiar with her work. A graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, Kerri came to The Ohio State University College of Optometry 20 years ago, which she says is, “One of the best decisions I’ve made!”

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Employee Focus on Walter Wu

April 2024

Walter WuDr. Walter Wu is Ohio State Optometry’s first Fellow-to-Faculty hire, and he officially joined the college in July 2023. Dr. Wu’s primary research focuses on the impact of impaired vision on individuals’ quality of life and daily activities. He says, “What brings me the most joy in my work is the exchange of ideas and thoughts with colleagues and students on challenging research questions.”

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Employee Focus on Freda Dallas Hughley

March 2024

Freda Dallas HughleyFreda Dallas Hughley’s official Ohio State Optometry Services title is Binocular Vision and Pediatrics Service Coordinator, but her self-proclaimed title is Patient Advocate. We couldn’t agree more. She says, “This is especially true for our Traumatic Brian Injury patients. It is rewarding to help them regain some of the abilities they lost and defeat the odds of their recovery.”

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