Academic Services


Prospective and enrolled optometry students can find assistance and academic advising within the college's Office of Student Services (OSS). Prospective students are encouraged to seek assistance as soon as possible. Students enrolled at other universities are encouraged to contact the OSS (614-292-2647) for assistance in planning prerequisite courses. Ohio State pre-optometry students should also meet with advisors in their degree units for information on completing undergraduate course work.


A two-day Autumn Semester orientation introduces new students to the college. This comprehensive program includes presentations on college rules, policies and procedures, introductions to first semester faculty, meetings with student leaders and representatives of the college's various student organizations, and a student-led tour of the health science campus. New students will also have the opportunity to meet with their second-year "Big Sibs" during orientation. The "Sib" program is designed to provide each entering student with their own second year mentor who can help guide them through the first year transition.

Orientation attendance is mandatory.

Career counseling and placement service

The Ohio State University College of Optometry "Practice Opportunities Network" provides excellent opportunities for students, alumni, residents, and practitioners to explore the potential to work together. Graduating students are encouraged to utilize this service in their job search.

The Ohio Optometric Association also offers career counseling and placement.

Student rights and responsibilities

All College of Optometry students are required to abide by the OSU Code of Student Conduct and the College of Optometry Honor Code.

Every OSU student is subject to the provisions of the OSU Code of Student Conduct, a compilation of University rules of conduct and major policies and procedures. The College of Optometry Honor Code is designed to encourage the highest standard of personal conduct, promote the highest quality professional education and patient care, and establish a system to resolve allegations of academic and professional misconduct.