An optometry student preforming an eye exam on a patient while the attending doctor observes.

Career Management

High quality eye care is a priority for Ohio State Optometry. When an optometrist is practicing in alignment with their skills, talents, passion and values, they are more likely to deliver the level of eye care we expect.

As an Ohio State Optometry student you will get to explore all areas of optometric practice through our robust curriculum and clinical experiences, dynamic community and co-curricular activities, research opportunities, professional organizations and networking opportunities.  These opportunities, partnered with our focus on leadership development will increase your awareness of your own unique talents, passion and values and will enable you to identify the career opportunity that best aligns with you.  Students not only secure employment upon graduation, but are more likely to set a course towards long-term career satisfaction.

As you prepare to transition from your student career to a professional optometrist we will support you with the tools needed for a successful job search. We provide career coaching, resume/CV and cover letter preparation, interview skill development, networking strategies, and connection to employers.    

If you are a potential employer looking to hire one of our talented students, please see our Practice Opportunities page and sign up for Handshake