Optometry students in a consult room with their attending doctor

Leadership Development

Optometry is a dynamic, rapidly evolving profession. Tomorrow's optometrist will require a skill set that enables them to innovate, execute, and build credibility with patients and across the health care landscape. Strong leadership skills make it possible for Ohio State Optometry graduates to impact this ever-changing professional environment and the communities they serve from day one.

We select students with leadership potential and give them a world-class optometric education. From there, we take an individualized approach to develop the unique leadership capacity of each student, creating self-awareness around leadership competencies, personal values, and career interests.

Our leadership development efforts are based on a foundational set of leadership skills designed specifically for Ohio State Optometry students.  Through a collaborative process that engaged our faculty and alumni, we developed the I-CE (pronounced “I-See”) Leadership Competency Model, the first of its kind at a school or college of Optometry. The model includes optometry specific skills that foster innovation, credibility, and the ability to execute.  

We believe that leadership is a set of skills that anyone can develop through practice, feedback, and reflection. These skills are incorporated into every facet of our program. Your leadership journey will start from the moment you are admitted and continue throughout your career.