Student Focus 2024

Student Focus on Mehdi Dabaja

July 2024

Mehdi DabajaMichigan native Mehdi Dabaja recalls thinking that his childhood optometrist was the smartest doctor he had ever seen, and he aspired to be just like him. Today, Mehdi couldn't be happier with his decision to attend The Ohio State University College of Optometry. As a member of the Class of 2026, he appreciates the unwavering support of faculty and his classmates. He says, "I am certain when I graduate from The Ohio State University as an optometrist, I will be able to manage the most complex cases with confidence."

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Student Focus on Liam Brescacin

June 2024

Gabby JabboureAs a child, Liam Brescacin always looked forward to visiting his optometrist. In high school when he started thinking about college and career paths, Liam had a chat with his longtime optometrist. “Hearing him talk about how fulfilling his job was and how much he still enjoyed it after 30 years confirmed that optometry was my number one career choice,” he says. Liam chose Ohio State Optometry because, “Ohio State provides the highest quality optometric education from some of the best doctors/professors in the country. The NBEO passage rates don’t lie.”

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Student Focus on Gabby Jabboure

May 2024

Gabby JabboureGabby Jabboure, a member of the #OSUopt Class of 2027, looks forward to learning clinical skills and performing eye exams on her friends and family in the coming academic year. This talented student is grateful for the tight-knit nature of the Ohio State Optometry program, and she values the relationships she has built with her fellow students and professors. She says of her classmates, “I couldn’t get through school without them. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such smart and compassionate people who are always willing to help each other succeed.”

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Student Focus on Adam Pirie

April 2024

Adam PirieAdam Pirie has excelled in leadership roles as an #OSUopt student, notably as Class President for the Class of 2026 and co-founder of The Prismatic Effect. He says, “There’s a great sense of community here, and I’m so thankful and happy to be a part of it.”

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Student Focus on Grace Scheresky

March 2024

Grace SchereskyGrace Scheresky was inspired to become an optometrist after her very first eye exam. She remembers, “I was in first grade when I got my first eye exam. Like most kids, I was terrified, so I asked the optometrist as many questions as I could think of about what was going on during the exam. She was so patient and kind with me. I left that day excited to get my glasses and looking forward to going back to get my eyes checked next year.” Soon, Grace will be on the other side of the eye exam experience. She looks forward to seeing patients and exploring all of the areas of optometry, such as binocular vision and pediatrics.

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Student Focus on Aaron Deese

February 2024

Aaron Deesehio State Optometry Student Aaron Deese was a sophomore in undergrad when he first shadowed his long-time childhood optometrist. He remembers, “One day of seeing patients was all it took for me to understand the impact I could have in the lives of so many patients, and after that I was sold.”

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Student Focus on James Chung

January 2024

James ChungFor #OSUopt student James Chung, Ohio State Optometry represents the best of both worlds – a small college within a large university. He says, “It is awesome to feel a sense of belonging with how close-knit you are with your classmates and faculty members, while, at the same time, studying at one of the largest universities in the country.”

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