Three female students talking at the base of the stairs outside of their classroom


Ohio State defines wellness as: “the optimal state of living well, regardless of an individual’s spectrum of health and encompasses physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, social, occupational, financial, environmental and spiritual well-being.” – 2016-2019 Wellness Strategic Plan

Ohio State’s goal is to be the healthiest campus in the world, and the College of Optometry is doing its part to make this happen. Your health and wellness is paramount to your success in the program and beyond and supporting your wellbeing is engrained in everything we do.  Throughout the college, you will find evidence of our wellness culture, from helpful elevator exercises and fun snack breaks provided by our OPT for Wellness committee, to our embedded psychologist and various wellness programs, not to mention the plethora of resources around campus. You can find support for any of the areas of wellness listed above either in our college or in the surrounding university, and our office of Student Affairs is there to help connect you with these resources.