Grad students casually talking in the Bad Habits Lounge

Graduate Org. for Vision Science (GOVS)

Purpose Statement

To encourage the development of graduate students in Vision Science.


Established in 2004, the Graduate Organization for Vision Science (GOVS) was created to enhance the development of graduate students and improve the quality of the student experience in Vision Science. Any Vision Science graduate student is eligible for membership in GOVS. A graduate student remains eligible for membership as long as they are enrolled in the graduate program in Vision Science.

GOVS seeks to encourage the development of graduate students in Vision Science through seminars and activities designed with the graduate student in mind. GOVS organizes and conducts an annual orientation to the Vision Science graduate program. GOVS also presents seminars of interest to graduate students. Past seminars have included a workshop on building your curriculum vitae and panel discussions on professional opportunities available to Vision Science graduates. Officer elections are held in the spring semester. Officers are elected for a one-year term starting at the beginning of the summer semester.