Cincinnati Eye Institute

An Ocular Disease Residency

4 Positions Available

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Residency in Ocular Disease at the Cincinnati Eye Institute is to attract superior optometric graduates and provide them with an advanced clinical and didactic experience in ocular disease diagnosis and treatment.


  1. Improve the resident’s proficiency in the detection and management of ocular disease and ocular signs of systemic disease.
  2. Provide extensive clinical experience that will promote the development of differential diagnosis, treatment, and case management skills.
  3. Improve the resident’s ability to care for patients in a pre- and post-surgical time frame.
  4. Develop the resident’s ability to function as a member of a health care team through participation in an outpatient practice with tertiary eye care providers in the anterior segment, cataract surgery, glaucoma, retina, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, refractive and urgent eye care.

To achieve these goals, the resident will provide patient care, attend lectures and seminars, rotate through sub-specialty clinics, and conduct original research.

The Cincinnati Eye Institute is one of the largest tertiary referral ophthalmology practices in the country. Over 60 ophthalmologists and optometrists provide care across nine different subspecialties. CEI maintains 16 clinical centers and three ambulatory surgical centers and records over 200,000 patient encounters annually. The residents will have the opportunity to learn from the some of the top specialists in the country while encountering a wide variety of ocular and systemic disease.

Program Description

The 13-month program is a demanding and immersive experience in the study of ocular disease. The first month of the program is devoted to orientation with the outgoing resident providing mentorship during this transitional period. While the focus of the program is on clinical care, it also includes didactic education, teaching, and scholarly activity.

Daily Expectations:

Residents are required to see patients Monday through Friday, with the exception being those times when conferences are scheduled. Most clinics start around 8:00 am and finish around 5:00 pm, although this may vary depending the attending doctors. The resident will be required to travel to satellite office locations.

Clinical Rotations

Each rotation is 3 months in duration, with the exception of the first rotation, which is 5 months. Residents will have the opportunity to rotate through 10 different subspecialty clinics:

  • Cornea and External Disease
  • Cataracts Service
  • Glaucoma
  • Lasik and Refractive Surgery
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Oculoplastics
  • Retina
  • Urgent Ophthalmology
  • Uveitis
  • Community Clinic 

Administrative Time / Surgical Observations

The resident is allowed administrative time when no clinics are scheduled. This time should be use for surgical observation, rotations in the urgent clinic, lecture or paper preparation, and self-study. Administrative time must be spent in office unless otherwise approved or vacation time is used.

Educational Conferences

  1. Neuro-Ophthalmology Conference 
  2. UC Department Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
  3. Fluorescein and Retinal Imaging Case Conference
  4. UC Optometry Conferences

Lecture Requirements

  1. Poster Presentation at East West Eye Conference
  2. Cincinnati Optometric Association / UC Optometry Conference 
  3. The Ohio State University College of Optometry – Resident Case Presentations

Papers for Publication Requirement

Residents will be required to complete 2 case reports of publishable quality.


The duration of the program is 13 months.

The resident is assigned a minimum of 40 hours per week of patient care with no on-call responsibilities. While most clinics start at 8:00 am and finish around 5:00 pm, there are several specialty rotations and didactic activities which require evening hours.


  • Stipend: Currently set at $60,000 per year plus health and malpractice insurance
  • Established by the Board of the Cincinnati Eye Institute.
  • CEI observes six national holidays, and the resident is permitted to have two weeks of personal leave.
  • The resident is also granted professional leave to attend one professional meeting during the program.
  • CEI provides professional liability protection for the resident.

Application Materials and Procedures

Application deadline: January 31

** Early application is highly encouraged to secure preferred interview date.

Interview Dates: January 2 – February 28

Inquiries (for this program only) should be directed to Dr. Kevin Corcoran, Program Supervisor. The program participates in OR Match. When application materials are on file with the program supervisor, the applicant will be contacted regarding an interview. The resident is selected based on credentials presented and a personal interview. Applicants will be evaluated without regard to gender, race, creed, national origin, or non-disqualifying disabilities. Residents must be graduates of a school or college of optometry accredited by ACOE.

The resident must provide:

  • Completed application through OR Match website
    ORMatch # 23724
  • Transcripts from school or college of Optometry
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Intent
  • NBEO scores
  • Three letters of recommendation

Applicants will be notified of on-site interview date and time.

Policy on Counseling, Remediation and Dismissal of Resident

Residents are expected to perform duties and behave in a professional and ethical manner. Performance that deviates from the expected level will result in the following procedural format.

  1. Resident will be verbally counseled regarding the issue. If the issue is resolved then no further action will be needed.
  2. If the issue persists, the resident will be put on remediation. This requires monthly follow-up. Each month the issue will be revisited to determine one of the three possible actions as listed below.
    1. The issue is resolved, no further remediation.
    2. On-going remediation.
    3. Termination if a major violation of clinical or ethical behavior.
Dr. Corcoran

Dr. Kevin T. Corcoran
Director of Optometric Services
P 513-984-5133   F 513-569-2969

Cincinnati Eye Institute
1945 CEI Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Dr. Hinel

Erich A. Hinel, OD, MS
Assistant Residency Director
P 513-984-5133   F 513-569-2969

Cincinnati Eye Institute
1945 CEI Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242