Alumni Focus 2019

Alumni Focus on Dr. Steve Rosinski (OD’11)

December 1, 2019

Steve RosinskiOhio State has a special place in my heart,” says Dr. Steve Rosinski (OD’11). “I am proud of what Buckeyes are doing to elevate the OD profession and I enjoy connecting with so many in my travels. There are Buckeyes everywhere and I love yelling O-H and getting an I-O in return whether I am in California, Florida, Italy or even Iceland!”

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Alissa Brearley (OD’10)

November 1, 2019

Alissa BrearleyAs the owner of two optometry offices in Kitchener, Ontario and a part-time clinical supervisor at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science, Dr. Alissa Brearley (OD’10) offers this sage advice to optometry students, “Stop, take a breath and enjoy every last minute … Try not to get caught up in just going through the motions. Try to get the most out of each patient encounter and learn as much as you can with your supervisors while you have them.”

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Jonathan Andrews (OD’14)

October 1, 2019

Jonathan AndrewsWith a nod to Dr. Don Mutti and his optics course for providing the foundation and building blocks essential to his success, Dr. Jonathan Andrews (OD’14) says, “The Ohio State University College of Optometry prepared me in every way for my future as a business owner and practicing optometrist.” At his busy rural practice in New Holland, Pennsylvania, Dr. Andrews has between 25 and 35 patient encounters each day, ranging from comprehensive ocular examinations, dry eye consultations, glaucoma management, custom contact lens treatment plans, to urgent eye care examinations. Dr. Andrews enjoys volunteering in his community, performing vision screenings at Amish one-room schools. In addition, he helps his wife, Dr. Kathryn Andrews (also an optometrist), with her volunteer work with the “Medan Initiative.”

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Jenny Fogt (OD'99)

September 1, 2019

Jenny FogtDr. Jenny Fogt (OD’99, MS) enjoys variety-filled days, fitting specialty contact lenses with students in the Ohio State Optometry Clinic and managing up to five different research studies at once. In this month’s Alumni Focus Dr. Fogt recalls the faculty support and mentorship opportunities that inspired her to pursue fitting infant and pediatric contact lenses. She and her husband, Dr. Nicklaus Fogt (OD/MS’92, PhD’99), along with their children Mallory and Zachary, are an enthusiastic Buckeye family who enjoy being immersed in the Ohio State world. She remains closely connected to her 1999 classmates (and those in the Class of 1998), and is looking forward to seeing everyone during this year’s Homecoming Weekend!

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Troy Ogden (OD ’09)

August 1, 2019

Troy OgdenThis month’s #OSUopt Alumni Focus features Dr. Troy Ogden, a 2009 grad who owns Downtown Vision in Reno, Nevada. He chose optometry as a career because he enjoys having a direct and immediate positive impact on the quality of life of his patients. Dr. Ogden is incredibly grateful for the top-notch education and friendships he formed at the College of Optometry.

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Alumni Focus on Dr. LaMar Zigler (OD/MS’81)

July 1, 2019

LaMar ZiglerDr. LaMar Zigler (OD/MS’81) has played an important (and impressive) role in promoting optometry in the state of Ohio and throughout the country. For starters, Dr. Zigler helped create the annual EastWest Eye Conference in Cleveland, where he also served as the first chair; and was inducted in to the National Academies of Practice in 2004. Throughout his career, he has assisted as a consultant and lecturer for several contact lens manufacturers, served on the Ohio State Board of Optometry, acted as a Clinical Associate Professor for Ohio State Optometry, and led his private practice Central Ohio Eyecare where he practices with his son David Zigler (OD/MS’14). Dr. Zigler is proud to be an Ohio State Optometry alumnus and loves his class of 1981, along with all of the great friends and memories made.

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Jeffrey Williams (OD’07)

June 1, 2019

Jeffrey WilliamsWhile Dr. Jeff Williams (OD’07) originally planned to pursue a degree in business, it wasn’t until after a stint as an optometric technician that he realized optometry came naturally. Twelve years after graduating, Dr. Williams is the proud owner of Sound Vision Care, a five-location, six-doctor private practice on the east end of Long Island, New York. He is forever grateful for the support of Ohio State Optometry faculty and staff, who taught him how to be an exceptional optometrist and proud to be a BuckEYE. Dr. Williams recently was recognized by the College of Optometry as a 2019 Neil Bailey Medal Recipient, the college’s highest philanthropic honor.

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Jennifer Mattson (OD’06)

May 1, 2019

Jennifer MattsonAfter starting Galloway Eye Care Professionals Inc. “cold” in 2006 right after graduation, Dr. Jennifer Mattson (OD’06) hasn’t slowed down a bit. Now as the owner of two successful practices, an attending optometrist for fourth-year BVP students at the college, and an active RealEyes volunteer presenter, the only thing she’d change is to do even more patient care and less administrative work. Dr. Mattson is passionately dedicated to her family, and her definition of family also includes her College of Optometry colleagues!

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Ashley Tuan (OD/MS’94)

April 1, 2019

Dr. Ashley TuanDr. Ashley Tuan (OD/MS’94) comes from a scarlet and gray family – her father, brother and uncle are also proud Buckeyes. She chose to study optometry after her father was diagnosed with Bietti crystalline dystrophy. Although there is no cure for this disease, it sparked her desire to become a vision science scholar. Currently, Dr. Tuan is the vice president of medical devices for Mojo Vision in California. In this position, she takes pride in improving patients’ lives by being part of a team that develops safe, comfortable and beneficial ophthalmic products. Recently, she was appointed to a board position with the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a non-profit in the Bay Area.

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Elizabeth Cockerill (OD’09)

March 1, 2019

Dr. Elizabeth CockerillDr. Liz Cockerill (OD’09) says that she was “lucky” to become nearsighted and need glasses in third grade; it was this experience that made her consider optometry as a profession and Ohio State Optometry as the place where she would obtain her training. She feels fortunate to have attended her optometry classes “off-campus” due to renovations, which created a closer bond among her classmates. Dr. Cockerill is proud to be an alumna of Ohio State Optometry, noting the lifelong friendships she made and that the school is recognized by people from all around the world.

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Doug Bosner (OD’02)

February 1, 2019

Dr. Doug Bosner In the spirit of February, this month’s Alumni Focus is all about #BuckeyeLove! Dr. Doug Bosner (OD’02) met his wife Deborah (Fisher College of Business alumna) through a mutual friend Dr. Kathryn Richdale (OD’02,MS’05,PhD’11) while in optometry school. Now jointly operating Northwest EyeCare Professionals in Upper Arlington, Dr. Bosner is immersed in patient care while Deborah serves as the practice’s Chief Operations Officer. Outside of the office, Dr. Bosner enjoys traveling with his family – especially to Disney World!

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Alumni Focus on Dr. Terri Gossard (OD/MS’96)

January 1, 2019

Dr. Terri GossardDr. Terri Gossard (OD/MS’96) is incredibly bullish on optometry. As an advocate for the profession, she educates the public, policy makers, and other health care providers in order to ensure that eye care is kept in health care. Her years of service on the Ohio Optometric Association’s Board of Directors sparked an aspiration to seek a national leadership position as a member of the American Optometric Association’s Board of Directors. Dr. Gossard hopes to receive the endorsement of the AOA’s House of Delegates in June. In addition, she is stepping into a new role on the board of Ohio State’s Optometry Alumni Society. This true Buckeye was born in The Ohio State University Hospital, and boasts 11 Ohio State degrees across her immediate family.

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