Members of the Alumni society board in regalia at the 2024 Optometry Convocation

Optometry Alumni Society

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring about a closer fellowship between graduates, students, faculty and friends of the College of Optometry at The Ohio State University; promote relations between this organization and The Ohio State University Alumni Association; to provide a forum for members of the Optometry Alumni & Friends to voice their feelings relative to matters at the College of Optometry; and to promote the advancement of The Ohio State University.

Dr. Jason Ortman
Jason Ortman (OD’00), President
Dr. Chris Smiley
Chris Smiley (OD’01), Immediate Past President
Dr. Jay Henry
Jay Henry (OD/MS’98), Treasurer
Dr. Lauren Haverly
Lauren Haverly (OD’14), Trustee
Dr. Terri Gossard
Terri Gossard (OD/MS’96), Trustee
Dr. Katie Greiner
Katie Greiner (OD/MS’09), Trustee
Dr. Kevin Rodda
Kevin Rodda (OD'18), Trustee
Dr. Tim Fries
Tim Fries (OD’04), Trustee
Dr. Michael Earley
Michael Earley (OD/MS’88,PhD’92), Ex-officio Trustee