Alumni Focus for 2018

Alumni Focus on Drs. Andrew Emch (OD/MS’08) and Laura “LA” Emch (OD/MS’11)

February 1, 2018

Throughout February, we are all about BuckEYE love! In this month’s Alumni Focus, we’re taking a closer look at Drs. Andrew (OD/MS’08) and Laura “LA” Emch (OD/MS’11), who first crossed paths in optometry school. Fast forward to today, they are married, have a delightful daughter, Clara, and practice together at Archbold Eye Care in Northwest Ohio. Their love for family, Buckeyes and optometry are evident.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Nicky Lai (OD'03)

January 1, 2018

As Chief, Contact Lens Service and Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, Nicky Lai (OD/MS’03) loves the diversity of his day-to-day duties. From lecturing in his advanced contact lens course for third-year students to patient care in the contact lens service with fourth-year interns (and much more), he enjoys working with students as they develop their clinical skills and become independent doctors. He and his wife Cara Frasco (OD/MS’03) are passing their love of all things BuckEYE to their two sons.