Alumni Focus for 2018

Alumni Focus on Dr. Katie Greiner (OD/MS’09)

December 1, 2018

As a clinical optometrist and Chief Operating Officer of Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons, Dr. Katie Greiner (OD/MS’09) loves the fact that her schedule incorporates a unique, balanced practice blend of patient care and business. She credits the extensive mentorship she had throughout her academic experience, as well as networking opportunities, that have helped shape her career today. A passionate BuckEYE, Dr. Greiner still “gets butterflies stepping onto campus” and remains close with her Class of 2009 classmates. Learn more about Dr. Greiner in this month’s Alumni Focus!”




Alumni Focus on Dr. Khristopher Ballard (OD’11)

November 1, 2018

Dr. Khristopher Ballard (OD’11) credits his educational preparation at The Ohio State University College of Optometry and mentorship from alumni colleagues for his success as an optometrist. He knew that he wanted to be involved in the healthcare field in order to help people, but it was a bout of microbial keratitis in undergrad that made him consider optometry as a profession. Dr. Ballard says, “The College of Optometry means a lot to me – I appreciate the rigorous education that I received and the job that it has allowed me to pursue, which has allowed me to support my family.”




Alumni Focus on Dr. Michael-Vu Do (OD’14)

October 1, 2018

Michael-Vu Do (OD’14) chose optometry because he wanted to pursue a profession that makes life better. He chose Ohio State because of the impact of our IDOC (Improving Diversity in Optometric Careers) Program. Dr. Do says, “I am a proud Buckeye and I know I went to the best optometry school in the world … I know I am the doctor I am today as a result of so many individuals at the school investing their time in me.”




Alumni Focus on Dr. Randy McLaughlin (OD’84)

September 1, 2018

Dr. Randy McLaughlin (OD’84) is proud to serve as Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology for The Ohio State University College of Medicine. His role on campus has provided opportunities to serve multiple patients across Columbus and the Buckeye community, respectively. Outside of the office, he enjoys a “rock n’ roll lifestyle,” having befriended icons such as Alice Cooper and Eric Seger of KISS.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Kevin Hamilton (OD'03)

August 1, 2018

Reflecting on his career, Dr. Kevin Hamilton (OD’03) believes he was incredibly fortunate to be educated by leaders in the field of optometry. Living in Southwestern Pennsylvania and practicing at two diverse locations, he relishes the opportunity to serve all types of patients. Additionally, Dr. Hamilton and his family are proud to be Buckeye fans. He recognizes the importance of staying connected to the college and is looking forward to celebrating his 15-year class reunion this fall.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Anita Ticak (OD/MS’08)

July 1, 2018

Dr. Anita Ticak (OD/MS’08), Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Houston College of Optometry, is known for her outgoing, bombastic personality. In fact, she says there’s a joke, “that you can never find ‘Dr. T’ in one spot, but all you have to do is walk around a listen for her.” Her knowledge, passion, and excitement for the profession is contagious, and she hopes to instill that in her students.




Alumni Focus on Dr. John Stehulak (OD/MS’07)

June 1, 2018

Dr. John Stehulak (OD/MS’07) traveled the world as a U.S. Army optometrist, seeing a wide variety of patients and places. Today, he and his family call Northwest Ohio home, where he owns a private practice in Wauseon. Dr. Stehulak credits his student research experience at Ohio State Optometry for sparking his passion for prescribing contact lenses for optimal eye health, which has become a robust part of his full-scope practice.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Stephanie Mastores (OD’09)

May 1, 2018

Nearly 2,000 miles separate Stephanie Mastores (OD’09) from her beloved Ohio State, but as owner/partner at Central Phoenix EyeCare in Arizona, this true BuckEYE remains connected to her classmates and alma mater. In addition to leading a successful private practice, Dr. Mastores actively participates in the local Young Buckeyes of Phoenix Alumni Club and has even made sure that her husband (an Arizona State grad) has an impressive Ohio State wardrobe!




Alumni Focus on Dr. Brad Johnson (OD’08)

April 1, 2018

A Buckeye through and through, Brad Johnson (OD’08) attributes some of his best memories to Ohio State, including three-hour histology labs, all-night study sessions, parties at the EYE house, tailgates and football games, the EYEball, and best of all – meeting his wife. Dr. Johnson chose to pursue a career in optometry because the medical field always fascinated him, and after shadowing Dr. Pat Dollenmayer (OD’91), he knew it was the right fit. Today, as a partner at Professional Vision Care in Westerville, Ohio, he is thrilled to work with a talented team of doctors and is excited to see what the future will bring.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Masoud Nafey (OD'13)

March 1, 2018

There is no such thing as an “typical day” in Dr. Masoud Nafey (OD’13)’s life. When he’s not busy in his role as Vice President of Professional Relations for Eyefinity/VSP Global traveling across the country and meeting with industry leaders, you can find him seeing patients at his office in Sacramento. Even recently, Dr. Nafey added to his list of responsibilities by starting to contact classmates for their 5-year class reunion at the college this fall.




Alumni Focus on Drs. Andrew Emch (OD/MS’08) and Laura “LA” Emch (OD/MS’11)

February 1, 2018

Throughout February, we are all about BuckEYE love! In this month’s Alumni Focus, we’re taking a closer look at Drs. Andrew (OD/MS’08) and Laura “LA” Emch (OD/MS’11), who first crossed paths in optometry school. Fast forward to today, they are married, have a delightful daughter, Clara, and practice together at Archbold Eye Care in Northwest Ohio. Their love for family, Buckeyes and optometry are evident.




Alumni Focus on Dr. Nicky Lai (OD'03)

January 1, 2018

As Chief, Contact Lens Service and Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, Nicky Lai (OD/MS’03) loves the diversity of his day-to-day duties. From lecturing in his advanced contact lens course for third-year students to patient care in the contact lens service with fourth-year interns (and much more), he enjoys working with students as they develop their clinical skills and become independent doctors. He and his wife Cara Frasco (OD/MS’03) are passing their love of all things BuckEYE to their two sons.