Application Checklist

When to Apply

The admission cycle runs from June 29 to March 1 for admission for the following autumn. Admission to The Ohio State University College of Optometry is done on a rolling basis therefore early application is strongly recommended. Students are encouraged to complete a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation in our program. However, some high-achieving students are admitted with three years (90 semester hours) of undergraduate coursework. Please see the Admission Requirements page for more details.

How to Apply


Students applying to any school or college of optometry in the United States and Puerto Rico must do so through the optometry centralized application service, OptomCAS.

The OptomCAS service allows prospective students to submit one application that will be sent to multiple optometry programs. The service is designed to streamline the application process and make it more efficient and user-friendly.

Supplemental Application

After you submit your OptomCAS application, it will be reviewed by all schools to which you have applied. Applicants to The Ohio State University College of Optometry will be invited via email to submit a brief supplemental application that will provide additional information for our Admissions Committee to consider.

Feel free to contact our admissions office, by phone at 614-292-2647 or by email using our, if you have questions about the Ohio State Optometry application process.

Application and acceptance fees

All applicants must pay a $60 application fee ($70 for international students). Applicants who are admitted to the College of Optometry will pay a $500 acceptance fee to reserve their spot in the admitted class. Neither the application fee nor the acceptance fee is refundable. A portion of this fee will be credited towards tuition for the first semester.

How to Prepare

Optometry Admission Test

The Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) is an assessment of your academic ability and knowledge in six sections: biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, math (quantitative), and reading comprehension.


The OAT is offered throughout the year at Prometric Testing Centers. You should plan ahead for taking the OAT and schedule a testing date several weeks in advance. Information about registering for the test can be found at: Please note that you must register with OAT before you can contact a Prometric Testing Center for a testing date. You must have your official scores sent to OSU College of Optometry directly from OAT as we cannot accept copies of your score report from Prometric. Scores are good for two years and are generally sent to the college within two weeks of your test date. You must submit your OAT scores by March 1 preceding the autumn term for which you are applying.

The OAT can be retaken once every 90 days. In addition to registration instructions and materials, the OAT website ( also provides a tutorial, test preparation materials, and a sample test.

You will receive an individual score for each of the sections as well as an Academic Average score (the average score for all six sections) and a Total Science score (a recalculation of the science sections only). The test is scored from 200 (minimum score) to 400 (maximum score).


In order to maintain our high standard of education, the Ohio State College of Optometry selects students on a competitive basis. Each year, we receive around 600 applications and enroll a class of 67 students. Applicants to the College of Optometry must meet the minimum prerequisite course requirements with above-average standing. Academic performance, OAT scores, motivation, interest, background, general qualifications for the profession, and a personal interview are all factors considered in the selection of candidates. Only those qualified applicants with the strongest credentials will be invited to the College of Optometry for interviews. Candidates selected for admission will be contacted by the Optometry Admissions Office.

The average score for an admitted student generally falls between 310 – 330 for each section and for the Academic Average and Total Science scores. Scores below 300 are less competitive. Please contact our Office of Student Services if you have any questions about your specific scores.

The Average GPA for our incoming class is typically between a 3.4 and 3.7 with a range between 3.0 and 4.0. Overall and Science GPA’s below a 3.0 are less competitive.

Knowledge of the profession

In order to gain valuable information about the practice of optometry, applicants must complete a minimum of 10 hours of observation in at least two different types of optometric settings. Email Admissions for contact information on optometrists in your local area.

Other Things to Consider

Information on gaining in-state residency status

Applicants from other states are subject to non-resident tuition during the first year of attendance. If the necessary conditions are met, it is highly likely that Ohio residency will be established after one year, or immediately if certain other conditions are met. (This is applicable to U.S. citizens only). Please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 614-292-9330 for more information on residency.

Admission with advanced standing

Due to the specific course work in the Doctor of Optometry program at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, admission with advanced standing from other optometry programs is typically not possible. A student at another optometry program who wishes to apply to the Ohio State College of Optometry would need to meet the customary competitive admissions requirements (see "Admissions Requirements" page), and would also need to provide a letter from a Student Affairs officer at the former optometry program attesting to their good academic and disciplinary standing currently or when they exited the program.