Deyue Yu

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Postal address: 
338 W 10th Ave Room 560 Columbus, OH 43210

Journal articles

  • Yu,Deyue; Legge,Gordon,E; Wagoner,Gunther; Chung,Susana,TL. "Sensory factors limiting horizontal and vertical visual span for letter recognition.." Journal of vision. Vol. 14, no. 9. (January 2014.): 23-.
  • Yu,D, Legge,GE, Park,H, Gage,E, Chung,STL. "Development of a training protocol to improve reading performance in peripheral vision (vol 50, pg 36, 2010)." VISION RESEARCH. Vol. 50, no. 10. (May 2010.): 997-997.
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  • He, Y, Legge, GE, Yu, D.. "Sensory and cognitive influences on the training-related improvement of reading speed in peripheral vision." JOUNRAL OF VISION. (January 0.): -.