Heather Chandler

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Postal address: 
338 W 10th Ave Room 562 Fry Hall Columbus, OH 43210

Biographical narrative

Dr. Heather Chandler received her PhD in veterinary biosciences from The Ohio State University evaluating epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the cornea and lens. She continued her training in the College of Veterinary Medicine as a post-doctoral researcher prior to co-managing core facilities in Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Dr. Chandler has been faculty in the College of Optometry since 2007.

While Dr. Chandler's primary research focus examines the mechanisms by which cataracts and secondary cataracts form, there are also several ongoing projects in the lab that pertain to protein regulation in the cornea. Current research includes reducing secondary cataract formation through either surgical or pharmacologic intervention and determining the effects of various ocular drugs on corneal would healing. The overall goal of her lab is to clinically apply bench-top research findings to the bedside.


  • First Place, Research Day, 20060101 - 20060101
  • First Place, Distinguished Graduate Seminar Award, 20060101 - 20060101
  • First Place, Research Day, 20050101 - 20050101
  • Travel Award to the 32nd Annual American Society for Photobiology Meeting, 20040101 - 20040101
  • First Place, Distinguished Graduate Seminar Award, 20040101 - 20040101
  • First Place, Distinguished Graduate Seminar Award, 20030101 - 20030101