Jacqueline Davis

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Postal address: 
338 W 10th Ave Columbus, OH 43210-1240

Journal articles

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  • American Optometric Association Outstanding Optometric Educator of 2016, 20160701 - 20170701
  • 2014 Distiguished Diversity Enhancement Award given to the OSUCO Committee for Inclusion and Diversity, 20141101
  • Certificat of Appreciation, 20130501
  • Certificate of Appreciation, 20120101
  • William R Gemma Distinguished Alumnus Menorial Award, 20090901
  • Community Health Service Award, 20040101
  • Service to the Citizens of Ohio Award, 20000101
  • Alumni Achievement Hall of Fame, 19940101
  • Recognition from the Dean of the College of Optometry for Outstanding Service to the College, 19920401


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