Lisa Jordan

Research Professor

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338 W 10th Ave Room 649 Columbus, OH 43210

Biographical narrative

Lisa Jones-Jordan, MS, PhD, has been a research associate professor in the College of Optometry since 2009, originally joining the College in 1996. She received her MS from the Ohio State University Dept. of Preventive Medicine in 1993, and her PhD from the OSU School of Public Health in 1996. Her areas of concentration were epidemiology, biostatistics and environmental health. She began working with Karla Zadnik, OD PhD, after her graduation. She started working on the Orinda Longitudinal Study of Myopia, which evolved into the Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Ethnicity and Refractive Error, looking at nearsightedness and school-aged children. At the same time she began working with Mark Bullimore, MCOptom PhD, on a project involving adult myopia progression that eventually led to his R01 grant on the same topic. Currently Dr. Jones is the Director of the Optometry Coordinating Center, where she has worked with several different groups on different subjects in the field of optometry, including children and contact lenses, accomodative esotropia, low vision and overnight orthokeratology.


  • Diplomate - Public Health and Environmental Optometry American Academy of Optometry, 20040101 - 20040101
  • Fellow - American Academy of Optometry, 20000101 - 20000101
  • National Honorary, 19940101 - 19940101
  • Ohio State University Fellowship Recipient, 19910101 - 19920101
  • Outstanding MS/PhD Student of the Year, 19910101 - 19920101
  • Miami University Alumni Scholarship, 19860101 - 19900101