Michael Polasky

Clinical Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Postal address: 
338 West 10th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210

Biographical narrative

Dr. Polasky did his udergraduate work at Kent State University, and Ohio State University. He entered optometry school at Ohio State University in 1965 and completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree while attending optometry school.

Dr. Polasky graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 1969 and was offered a faculty position as instructor at the College. In 1970 he was given the responsibility of teaching a series of lecture courses in clinical optometry and has remained the chief instructor in these courses to the present day. In addition to his teaching responsibilities in both lecture and clinic, Dr. Polasky was made faculty liaison to the Instructional Media service within the College. Over the years, other administrative responsibilities have been added including Admissions Committee, Curriculum Committee and Assistant Dean. His clinical interests include primary care, binocular vision and aniseikonia, but since 1970, his chief interests remain in teaching basic clinical optometry and developing new instructional techniques.

Dr. Polasky retired on March 31, 2004 after serving the College and the profession of Optometry for more than 35 years.