Nathan Doble

Associate Professor
338 W 10th Ave Columbus, OH 43210-1240

Dr. Nathan Doble joined the College of Optometry in July 2013 as an Associate Professor. Dr. Doble’s research interest is the design, development and construction of high resolution optical imaging systems for in-vivo visualization of the human retina at the cellular level. Such systems promise better understanding, earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of a range of retinal pathologies.

Dr. Doble was previously a faculty member at the New England College of Optometry (NECO), Boston, MA from 2008-2013.

Prior to NECO, Dr. Doble was co-founder of Iris AO Inc, a Berkeley, CA based company specializing in the application of adaptive optics (AO) to biomedical imaging and the construction of deformable mirrors using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. 

Dr. Doble holds M.Sci, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in the fields of laser physics and adaptive optics. From 2000 until 2003 he was a research associate at the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester, NY in the laboratory of Dr. David Williams.