Phillip Yuhas

Assistant Professor
338 W 10th Ave Columbus, OH 43210-1240

I am a clinician-scientist who just completed my third year as an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University College of Optometry. My research focuses on the effects that repeated traumatic brain injuries have on the retina and on ocular biomechanics in glaucoma and in keratoconus. As a licensed optometrist, my clinical interests include the diagnosis and management of ocular disease, especially glaucoma; fitting specialty lenses; and understanding the consequences of blue light exposure on the eye and visual system. Given my research and clinical interests, I am well-positioned to teach OPTOM 7740, Management of Glaucoma, in the third year of the optometry curriculum and to staff the College's Advanced Ocular Care clinic. I serve the College by contributing to the Faculty Advisory Committee, by proctoring student practical examinations, and by leading a SocialEyes student group. I serve the University as a member of the VITA Advisory Committee. Beyond Ohio State, I am active member of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry Refractive Error Committee and Council. I also work as a member of several groups that advance the missions of the American Academy of Optometry and of the American Optometric Association.