Doctor of Optometry Program

Ohio State's Doctor of Optometry program will provide you with well-rounded experiences through excellent course instruction, broad clinical science knowledge and extensive patient care experiences. The OD curriculum is four years in length and is designed to educate optometrists for practice now and in the future. Classroom instruction and clinical experience offer you a substantial education in recognizing those conditions of the eyes and visual system that require medical services. Additionally, we boast a comprehensive practice management course series that runs throughout the four years of the program and is designed to prepare you to be a sole or partial business owner.

The practice of optometry evolves as research produces new information and better ways of providing optometric care. In view of this, a primary goal of the College of Optometry is to foster the desire in students to seek and critically analyze new information to be used more effectively to serve patients. You will also gain the knowledge and experience needed to serve as a vision consultant to schools, government, business, and industry. Through our program, you will acquire an understanding of the legal, social, economic, and professional phases of optometric practice, as well as the role of the optometrist in public health and in community and national health care.

A solid background in basic sciences and a thorough understanding of the principles of visual science is the foundation of optometric education. Pre-clinical optometry courses cover the areas of general optometry and optometric specialties. Clinical courses provide you the opportunity to work with patients in primary vision care and a variety of specialty services. Fourth year course work includes in-house speciality clinics, and extern experiences here in Ohio and across the US. Clinical work is done under the close supervision of experienced licensed optometrists.

Student interns are involved in over 100,000 patient visits per year within our campus and affiliated clinics. In-house clinical services offered at the college include: primary vision care, contact lens, vision rehabilitation, binocular vision, treatment and management of ocular disease, pediatric vision care, and ophthalmic prescription services. By working and learning in these clinics, you will gain valuable direct patient care experience in all aspects of optometric practice.

We also have a long tradition of service to the community through vision screenings and home-based vision care programs. Our multiple outreach programs focus on the community and meeting the needs of underserved populations. Each year we provide screenings to more than 3,000 schoolchildren and vision care to hundreds of Ohio veterans at Veterans Affairs hospitals.

Our sites include an established eye clinic in an inner-city homeless shelter where you can serve the homeless and working poor in central Ohio through performing comprehensive eye exams and distributing complimentary eyewear from a national supplier. In a recent collaboration with the Colleges of Dentistry and Medicine, the College of Optometry has partnered to provide primary health care services to a population that is located in an underserved area of Columbus.

Graduates of Ohio State’s College of Optometry program consistently achieve scores exceeding the national average in all 10 sections of the basic and clinical science examinations of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Our alumni are in high demand for employment in a variety of settings, including private practice, medical facilities, hospitals, industry, the military, and educational institutions. As an Ohio State Optometry graduate, you would be known for your broad clinical science knowledge and your extensive experience with patient care.