Financial Information

Cost of a year's work

These estimates are meant to provide a guideline for students planning to enroll at The Ohio State University College of Optometry:

Application/Acceptance Fees & Deposits:

  • OptomCAS application fee
  • Ohio State Optometry supplemental application fee: $60 domestic; $70 international
  • Acceptance fee*: $25
  • Tuition deposit*: $725
    * If admitted before December 1, the deposit is due within one month of being admitted.  If admitted December 1 – January 31, the deposit is due within three weeks of admission.  If admitted anytime on or after February 1, the deposit is due within two weeks of admission.  Neither the application fee nor the acceptance fee is refundable. Your tuition deposit will be credited towards tuition for the first semester.


The estimated cost for the first year of optometry school for an Ohio resident in the College of Optometry includes these expenses (Academic Year 2019-2020):


  • Tuition: $26,936
  • General Fees: $2,117
  • Academic Expenses: $5,400 (this includes books, instruments, vaccinations and immunizations. Some instruments from the second year of optometry school are included)
  • Available Funds for Living Expenses: $17,949

  • Total Aid Available: $52,402

Information on gaining in-state residency status

Non-Ohio resident students do not benefit from the tuition subsidy funded by Ohio tax payers  and, therefore, pay an additional $21,056 per year. Non-residents may apply for in-state residency if they meet any of the Ohio Board of Regents guidelines.  If the necessary conditions are met, it is highly likely that Ohio residency will be established, typically after one year, or immediately under certain conditions. (This is applicable to U.S. citizens only). Please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 614-292-9330 or visit their Ohio residency for tuition website for more information.


Students should not purchase textbooks until they have been advised by their instructors during first year orientation. On average, book costs for the first year of optometry school in 2019-2020 are around $350.


Required of any student wishing to park a car on Ohio State Columbus grounds. For 2019-2020 the cost is $384 for central campus. Options are also available for off-site parking with campus bus service (reduced cost) and garage access (increased cost).

Room and board

There are many housing options for students looking to attend the College of Optometry. On-campus housing is conveniently located just across the street from our facilities. Additionally, there are many options for off-campus housing.