Graduate Student List

Name Advisor Research topic
Suha Ahmed Marjean Kulp, OD, MS Assessment of EyeSpy Vision Screening in School Aged Children
Michelle Allen Jennifer Fogt, OD Tear Lipid Layer Thickness with and without Scleral Lenses
Matthew Andrew Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD Contact Lens Red Eye (CLARE) Study
Charlie Bahr Thomas Raasch, OD, PhD Evaluation of Alternative Refraction Techniques
Emily Benson Nicklaus Fogt, OD, PhD & Andrew Toole, OD, PhD Threshold Values of Cues to Predict the Vertical Height of Approaching Objects
Ian Binns Marjean Kulp, OD, MS Suppression and Vergence Evaluation (SAVE)
Mora Boatman Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Seasonal Variation in Myopia Control
Sarah Burens Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Assessing visual field of patients with central scotoma
Kimberly Calixte Philip Yuhas, OD, PhD & Cynthia Roberts, PhD Test-retest reliability of axial length measurements made using a portable a-scan ultrasound
James Chung Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD Phenomenon of Presbyope Soft Contact Lens Dropout (POPSCLD)
Mason Clutter Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Keep Your Eye on the Ball
Dustin Dawson Donald Mutti, OD, PhD Pupillometer Comparison
Elizabeth Day Andy Hartwick, OD, PhD Cholinergic Stimulation of Ganglion Cell Photoreceptors
Rebecca Deffler Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD
Maddison Fortman Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD & Cynthia Roberts, PhD Characterizing Biomechanical Parameters of Eyes with Keratoconus Using Two Dynamic Bidirectional Applanation Devices
Elise Frazee Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD Naturalistic Recording of Bioptic Driving
McKenna Gardner Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD & Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Multi-Mode Imaging of the Macula
Kaylin Gaudette Heather Anderson, OD, PhD & Ann Morrison, OD, PhD Comparison of ocular accommodation in patients with and without low dose atropine
Steph George Heather Chandler, PhD & Timothy Plageman, PhD Elucidating strain-dependent responses of SHROOM3 and the Hippo pathway in lens epithelial cell proliferation
Aidan Go Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Sensory Eye Dominance Testing in Virtual Reality
Will Halling Jennifer Fogt, OD Hand Eye Coordination with Multifocal contact lenses and Progressive Addition Spectacles
Erin Hudson Stacey Choi, PhD & Nathan Doble, PhD Quantification of Individual Nerve Fiber Bundles in High Resolution Retinal Images
Sajini Jayakody Angela Brown, PhD & Andrew Toole, OD, PhD Contrast Perception in Vision Rehabilitation
Danae Johnson Stacey Choi, PhD & Nathan Doble, PhD High Resolution Imaging in Diabetic Retinopathy
Kelly Klimo Philip Yuhas, OD, PhD Alterations to the structure and function of retinal ganglion cells after repeated traumatic brain injuries
Halea Kohl Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD Driving hazard perception in age-related macular degeneration
Emily Koziczkowski Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD Characterization of Pupil Responses to Flickering Light
Cora McHugh Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD & Cynthia Roberts, PhD Corneal and scleral stiffness in newly diagnosed glaucoma
Pearson Miller Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Overcoming binocular suppression to improve sensorimotor eye functions
Anna Mitchell Ann Morrison, OD, PhD Accommodative Behaviors in Multifocal Contact Lenses
Tyson Montgomery Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD Characterizing intraocular pressure variation beyond clinic hours in healthy patients and in patients who are glaucoma suspects
Allie Noe Donald Mutti, OD, PhD Inter-ocular Transfer and Adaptation in Pupillary Responses
Michael Nye Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD & Cynthia Roberts, PhD Characterizing biomechanical parameters of eyes with Keratoconus or With Glaucoma Using Two Dynamic Bidirectional Applanation Devices
Sarah Olen Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD Accurate OCT image analysis of corneal anatomy and contact lens shape
Sidney Parks Heather Anderson, OD, PhD & Marjean Kulp, OD, MS Comparison of Techniques for Objective Measurements of Accommodative Amplitude
Sonia Patel Jennifer Fogt, OD The Impact of Eyeliner on the Tear Lipid Layer
Marielle Reidy Donald Mutti, OD, PhD   Longitudinal Changes in Eye Shape in Young Adults Treated with Low-Dose Atropine and Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses
Madison Roth Jennifer Fogt, OD Incidence of preclinical and clinical keratoconus among college students
Hayley Samson Cynthia Roberts, PhD & Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD Fat-Water Fraction Imaging of an Orbital Phantom’
Lauren Schneider Heather Anderson, OD, PhD Investigation of Reduced Visual Acuity in Individuals with Down syndrome using Novel Imaging and Analysis Techniques
Erica Shelton Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Assessing determinants and delivery mechanisms for vision care in the pediatric population
Kelsy Steele Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD
David Stout Stacey Choi, PhD & Nathan Doble, PhD Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging of Cells Illuminated by Multiply Scattered Light
Shihij Takoo Angela Brown, PhD & Andrew Toole, OD, PhD Contrast Sensitivity and Eye Drops
Luxi Zhang Heather Chandler, PhD & Hua Zhu, PhD Improving Corneal Healing Outcomes
Nora Ziebarth Cynthia Roberts, PhD & Phillip Yuhas, OD, PhD RACE project: Corneal Biomechanics as a Function of Race