Graduate Student List

Name Advisor Research topic
Laura Andre Heather Chandler, PhD The effects of oxidative stress on lens epithelial cells
David Beckett Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The Effect of Time Outdoors on Pupil Responses
Katherine Bickle Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Comparison of the ocular surface in adult and pediatric contact lens wearers
Marielle Blumenthaler Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The effect of time outdoors on pupil responses in children
Jacob Boroff Katherine Bickle, OD, MS & Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Optimizing myopia control contact lenses
Margaret Brucker Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Measuring the Binocular Visual Field in Glaucoma
Carolyn Chakuroff Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD The effect of complement factor H Y402H polymorphism and C-reactive protein on outcomes of anti-VEGF treatment of exudative AMD
Zachary Coates Jacqueline Davis, OD, MPH Contact Lens, Academics and Self-Perception (CLASP)
Rebecca Deffler Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD Social support interventions in patients receiving treatment for AMD
Colleen Doyle Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD Light Adaptation and Alertness
Rachel L Fenton Nick Fogt, OD, PhD
Kelsey A Ferlin Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD Study of Naturalistic Bioptic Driving in People with Central Vision Impairment
Elizabeth Galko Andy Hartwick, OD, PhD Measuring the Cholinergic Response of ipRGCs through Pupillary Testing
Derek Heimlich Timothy Plageman, PhD Embryonic Lens Fiber Coordination and Morphogenesis
Jonelle Knapp Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Retinal function in normal and diseased eyes
Cory Lappin TJ Plageman, PhD Examining the role of Shroom3 in regulating collagen expression and distribution in the cornea
Joseph Lehman Thomas Raasch, OD, PhD Evaluation of Alternative Subjective Refraction Techniques
Elizabeth Lemos Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Comparison of coincidence-timing under binocular and monocular conditions
Christina Locke Nathan Doble, PhD & Stacey Choi, PhD Adaptive Optics (AO) Retinal Imaging of Myopic Children
Kevin Mar Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Age-related Structural Changes to the Henle Fiber Layer
Amber Mathias Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD Study of Road Sign Identification Using Bioptic Telescopic Spectacles
Kate McClure Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Ocular surface imaging and visual performance
Karina Miller Jaqueline Davis, OD, MS Contact Lens, Academics, and Self-Perception II
Natalie Montecalvo Marjean Kulp, OD, MS Study of Eye Coordination
Kelly Morgan Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The Effect of Time Spent Outdoors on Pupil Responses in Emmetropes
Ann Morrison Donald Mutti, OD, PhD Anterior segment influences on refractive error development
Gabrielle Cesarina Nivar Marjean Kulp, OD, MS
Steve Njeru Angela Brown, PhD Contrast sensitivity and visual acuity among low-vision students
Mawada Osman Angela Brown, PhD
Emmanuel Owusu Marjean Kulp, OD, MS & Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Investigating the neural basis of vergence eye movements
Lindsay Page Heather Chandler, PhD Prevention of Posterior Capsule Opacification via Cyclosporine A Induced Autophagy in Lens Epithelial Cells
Adam Peiffer Catherine McDaniel, OD, MS Collaborative Assessment of Neurocognition and Vision in Adolescents with Sports-related (CANVAS) Concussion Study
Cornelia Ward Mary Peterson Heather Chandler, PhD Use of topical insulin to improve cornel wound healing in an in vitro diabetic model
Lydia Pickrell Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The Effect of Dark Adaptation on Red and Blue Light-Driven Pupil Responses
Maureen Plaumann Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Analyzing and Improving Visual Deficiencies in Amblyopic Adults
Erin Ross Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Head and Eye Movements During Time to Collision Conditions
Erin Rueff Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD Accommodative Relief for Uncomfortable Non-Presbyopes
Jacob Sander Niklaus Fogt, OD, PhD
Jennifer Scholz Tom Raasch, PhD & Roanne Flom, OD
Erica Shelton Heather Chandler, PhD Autophagy Regulation in the Crystalline Lens
Kelsy Steele Aaron Zimmerman, OD, MS Current clinical and patient practices regarding water exposure to contact lenses
Heather Van Law Colleen Cebulla, MD, PhD Investigating Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Aimee Violette Delwin Lindsey Cross-cultural studies of non-lexical color categories
Sloane Weed Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD & Deyue Yu, PhD Sustained Reading Test for Evaluating Low Vision Reading
Jessica Wolfe Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD A Soft Contact Lens Habits, Hygiene, and Compliance Survey in a University Setting
Brennen Yaquinto Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Comparison of contact lens wear and spectacle wear on hand/eye coordination.
Phillip Yuhas Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD Potentiation of Ganglion Cell Photoreceptor Light Responses