Graduate Student List

Name Advisor Research topic
Laura Andre Heather Chandler, PhD The effects of oxidative stress on lens epithelial cells
Katherine Bickle Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Comparison of the ocular surface in adult and pediatric contact lens wearers
Benjamin Cyphers Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Side Effects of Atropine (SEA) Study
Rebecca Deffler Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD
Jaime Etterling Andy Hartwick, OD, PhD Effect of light wavelength on pupil responses to repeated stimuli
Elizabeth Galko Andy Hartwick, OD, PhD
Derek Heimlich Timothy Plageman, PhD Embryonic Lens Fiber Coordination and Morphogenesis
Lindsey Hutchinson Delwin Lindsey, PhD Individual differences in the scaling of Hering’s Opponent-Color Space
Jonelle Knapp Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Retinal function in normal and diseased eyes
Joseph Lehman Thomas Raasch, OD, PhD Evaluation of Alternative Subjective Refraction Techniques
Kelly Lutmer Heidi Wagner, OD, MPH Examining Soft Contact Lens Attitudes and Beliefs (SLAB)
Steven Manning Marjean Kulp, OD, MS and Nick Fogt, OD, PhD Imaging study of convergence insufficiency
Kevin Mar Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD Age-related Structural Changes to the Henle Fiber Layer
Karina Miller Jaqueline Davis, OD, MS Contact Lens, Academics, and Self-Perception II
Natalie Montecalvo Marjean Kulp, OD, MS Study of Eye Coordination
Ann Morrison Donald Mutti, OD, PhD Anterior segment influences on refractive error development
Gabrielle Cesarina Nivar Marjean Kulp, OD, MS and G. Lynn Mitchell, MAS
Steve Njeru Angela Brown, PhD Contrast sensitivity and visual acuity among low-vision students
Taylor Norris Jeffrey Walline, OD, PhD Comparison of tear meniscus height and break-up time between contact lens wearers and non-wearers.
Mawada Osman Angela Brown, PhD
Lindsay Page Heather Chandler, PhD Prevention of Posterior Capsule Opacification via Cyclosporine A Induced Autophagy in Lens Epithelial Cells
Lydia Pickrell Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The Effect of Dark Adaptation on Red and Blue Light-Driven Pupil Responses
Maureen Plaumann Teng Leng Ooi, PhD Analyzing and Improving Visual Deficiencies in Amblyopic Adults
Casey Ramirez Cortes Donald Mutti, OD, PhD The Effect of Seasons on Pupillary Responses in Adults
Jacob Sander Niklaus Fogt, OD, PhD
Kelsy Steele Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD
Emma Stewart-Bates Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD Effects of Ambient Lighting on Autorefraction
Emma Thompson Teng Leng Ooi, PhD, Stacey Choi, PhD, & Nathan Doble, PhD How Structure of the Retina Affects Perception
Sloane Weed Bradley Dougherty, OD, PhD & Deyue Yu, PhD Sustained Reading Test for Evaluating Low Vision Reading
Kimberly Weisenberger Niklaus Fogt, OD, PhD Tear Lipid Layer Thickness changes with use of Systane® Complete
Jessica Wolfe Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD A Soft Contact Lens Habits, Hygiene, and Compliance Survey in a University Setting
Phillip Yuhas Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD Potentiation of Ganglion Cell Photoreceptor Light Responses