Links to Resources

Financial Aid

Award, verification forms, etc.

Account Statement

Tuition and fees charged, financial aid disbursed, amount and date of direct deposit, etc.

Registration/Grades/Student Record - Buckeye Link

Schedule classes, course listing, view grades, address change, add/change health insurance, residency, order transcripts, print advising report, name change, etc.

Student Loan Services

Contact for holds from past due amounts owed, Health Professions Student Loans promissory note, etc.

Office of Information Technology

OSU Internet Username and password

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

On-line application for federal aid, personal identification number or PIN

Direct Lending

Direct Loan information, Exit Interview

National Student Loan Data System

Total Stafford Loans borrowed, need FAFSA PIN

Student Health Insurance Program

Information for Comprehensive Student Health Plan, Medical ONLY Student Health Plan, WilceCare Supplemental Plan

OSU Student Health Services - Wilce Student Health Center

Student health services

OSU Managed Health Care Systems

Provider network

Buckeye Link

Ohio State resources and services

National Board of Optometry

On-line registration, exam dates, exam content, scoring, etc.

Order Transcripts

On-line information and request for official OSU transcript (all courses at OSU)

Print Advising Reports

On-line location for printing an unofficial OSU transcript (all courses at OSU)