There are big changes at the College of Optometry! The Class of 2016 is now using the brand new 2nd floor Fry Hall Pre-Clinic area. Many alumni remember practicing procedures and learning to run exams in the cramped, mirrored, half lanes with vinyl sliding doors that were fashionable back in the 60s. Those have been the status quo for Ohio State optometry students for over 50 years, but not anymore - they have all disappeared. The condition of the old Pre-Clinic area was inadequate to reach our goal of providing state-of-the-art facilities in which our students can learn and begin to perfect their clinical skills. We want to be competitive not only with quality of faculty, but with quality of facilities. So, we're renovating and expanding.

In place of the out-dated half lanes, we've created 18 full-length, fully equipped exam rooms. Two of the rooms are outfitted with exact models of equipment that students will use at the clinical testing facility in Charlotte NC for the NBEO Part III exam. This will allow students to practice with the same model of phoropter, slit lamp, BIO, etc., that they will be tested on for licensure. All rooms are set up for teaching primary care and specialty areas, such as contact lenses and binocular vision/pediatrics. There is a new classroom with seating for 34 students and innovative audio-visual equipment for pre-clinic lectures. The new facility features brand new laboratories for contact lenses and injections as well. In addition to updating the layout and equipment, we have made this new area an inviting place. People stepping off the elevator enter a new welcome area where they are greeted by a touch-screen monitor displaying information for students, alumni, and prospective students. This area will house many student awards as well as the now famous Toppled Top. Outside the welcome area, the new design includes many more rooms and high ceilings that allow more light and air flow to foster an open ,spacious feeling.

The previous Pre-Clinic only took up one-third of the second floor of Fry Hall. The new Pre-Clinic now occupies the whole floor and is designed so that many students can practice different procedures at the same time. Other colleges have used more compact, open floor plans. Our approach features much more space and it gives us the ability to be more student-focused and provide individual attention.

We hope you look forward to visiting us and touring the new Pre-Clinic area as much as we look forward to sharing it with you!