PhD Student Awarded Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation Fellowship

The Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation Fellowship is making it possible for an Ohio State College of Optometry PhD student to advance vision research and improve the lives of children.

Dr. Tamara Oechslin is the recipient of the fellowship, which is awarded to outstanding graduate students investigating vision-related research in Ohio. As she pursues a PhD in Ohio State’s Graduate Program in Vision Science, her research focuses on a variety of child-centered topics, including vision in preschoolers, pediatric eye disease, and attitudes of children’s peers toward eyeglasses. Dr. Oechslin’s research stems from her previous career as a middle school science teacher, and her dissertation is tentatively titled, “Effects of Refractive Error on Children’s Attention to Text During Storybook Reading.”

“The Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation Fellowship provides a significant award to an extremely deserving recipient. Ultimately, Dr. Oechslin will help improve the reading capabilities of children who struggle due to uncorrected vision issues,” says Dr. Jeffrey Walline, associate professor of optometry and chair of the graduate program. “Unfortunately, this is a common problem, and this award will allow Dr. Oechslin to focus her attention on her research and help these children who are struggling in school .”