BLINK Study Recruitment Complete

On June 20, 2016, the BLINK Study accomplished its recruitment goal of 294 subjects total at The Ohio State University and the University of Houston.

The BLINK Study is a National Eye Institute-funded randomized clinical trial to determine whether soft bifocal contact lenses slow the progression of myopia in children.

The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether commercially available soft bifocal contact lenses slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. Children enrolled in the study, between the ages of 7 and 11 years, are randomly assigned to wear soft contact lenses with no reading power, soft contact lenses with medium reading power, or soft contact lenses with strong reading power. They will be followed for three years. The investigators will measure the length of the eye and amount of nearsightedness to determine whether the light focused in front of the retina by the reading power of the soft bifocal contact lenses will result in slower eye growth and slower progression of nearsightedness.

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