BSK Service Project Continues Focus on Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Beta Sigma Kappa Officers Heather
Van Law, Sandy Veres, Sarah
Baughman and Steven Manning.

The Ohio State University College of Optometry Chapter of Beta Sigma Kappa undertakes a service project each year to create the Beta Sigma Kappa Pocket Reference Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Making. The origin of this project came from Ohio State's BSK officers from the Class of 2012, who chose to take on a service project to honor their membership in BSK. Their vision was to compile essential clinical research into a usable format that could help guide evidenced-based decision-making for optometry students. They contributed significant effort to research, review, compile and create a manuscript that resulted in the formation of this manual. Under the direction of the Class of 2013 officers, the BSK students procured industry funding to underwrite the production and mailing costs for complimentary copies of this manual to be sent to all third-year optometry students at all ASCO (Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry) institutions across North America.


The intent was to provide all students with a reliable, compact, easily accessible resource for fourth-year students to use during their externship rotations. This manual has been well received by students, faculty, and extern preceptors who praise its benefits as a useful tool to aid clinical education. Since 2013, each successive group of BSK students has chosen to continue the tradition of providing this resource to their student colleagues. In April, the extern directors at all ASCO schools received copies of the third edition of the manual with updated and expanded content to distribute to the Class of 2018 students prior to their departure on fourth-year externships. The cost of this year’s printing and distribution was made possible through the generous support of Allergan and Bausch & Lomb.