Optometry Students Educate Staff

Optometry 101 is back! This College of Optometry program allows non-optometrist staff to learn a little more about the science and terminology of optometry, while giving students the opportunity to solidify their knowledge in preparation for boards and hone their presentation skills.  

Over the next several months, a select group of students will deliver 30-minute presentations on a variety of vision science and optometric topics.

All presentations will take place at noon in Fry Hall, Room 235. The first presentation will take place on Wednesday, November 15, when Ryan Rutschilling and Connor Smallwood will discuss the differences between glasses and contacts.


Future presentations are listed below. Dates subject to change. 


November 28 – Dry Eye by Hannah Davidson

December 14 – Neuro Physiology by Liz Galko

December 18 – AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) by Carolyn Chakurorff

January 5 – Refractive Error and Presbyopia by Christi Locke

January 10 – Red Eyes by Lexz Rudinoff

January 17 – Cataracts and Glaucoma by Kelley Sedlock

January 24 – Ocular Emergencies and Migraines by Hannah Vollmer


For more information, email Becca Roby at roby.77@osu.edu