OSU Optometry Students Participate in U.S. Navy Health Professional Scholarship Program

by Nate Garlick, Class of 2020

While some students debate which path to take following optometry school graduation, a few have pledged years of active military service post-graduation. The military supports these students during school, and the students "pay back" with active duty service in military hospitals, clinics, and bases.

Currently, four Ohio State University College of Optometry students are recipients of the U.S. Navy's Health Professional Scholarship and are commissioned officers (O-1, Ensign) during their schooling: Tyler Hamby (2019), Nate Garlick (2020), Maddie Howland (2021) and Paul Grigsby (2021). Nationwide, only three to five optometry scholarships are awarded each year. These students attend Naval Officer Training in Newport, Rhode Island during the summer between first and second year, where they learn how to lead in the Navy and live the values of honor, courage, and commitment. After graduation, they will be deployed across the country and world to provide the highest quality optometry care to sailors, officers, and their families. You may not see them in uniform during the school day, but these students are deeply committed to the values of the U.S. Navy and to the practice of optometry. They look forward to serving our country through optometry and helping others see the world a little better. Anchors Aweigh!