Grant Supports Innovative Faculty Research

A $500,000 endowment provided by Vision Service Plan Global is used to advance innovation and technology created by members of the Graduate Faculty in Vision Science. The funds support research activities, technology innovation, and/or essential equipment that is likely to attract subsequent support. These funds will help improve the research portfolio of the College of Optometry and advance vision-related science and technology.


Faculty members must submit a competitive application, and the most promising proposals are awarded. This year’s recipients are Dr. Lisa Jordan and Dr. Heather Chandler.


Dr. Jordan’s work will support additional evidence necessary for re-submission of a previously reviewed grant application to investigate the role of vision therapy in the treatment of post-concussion convergence insufficiency. Specifically, post-concussion patients will be randomly assigned to standard community concussion care or standard community concussion care plus office-based vision therapy and followed for three months.


Dr. Chandler’s work will generate preliminary data for a collaborative grant submission between Drs Chandler and Reilly from Biomedical Engineering. The work will develop materials that prevent posterior capsule opacification (PCO) by inhibiting adhesion, migration, and proliferation of lens epithelial cells. In order to do this, they will develop polymers with varying hydrophilic monomers and surface microtopographies, then evaluate the lens epithelial cell proliferation and migration over each of them to determine the intraocular lens properties that will best prevent posterior capsular opacification.


Drs. Jordan and Chandler will each receive approximately $20,000 to support their research.