Fortuna Scholarship Awardees Excel in Pediatrics

Taylor McGann (OD’17) and Steven Manning (OD’18) have been named as recipients of The Ohio State University College of Optometry Dr. Allen James Fortuna Memorial Scholarship for graduate students studying pediatrics.


Dr. McGann completed her residency in Binocular Vision and Pediatrics at Ohio State in June 2018. Throughout the residency program, she actively diagnosed and treated pediatric vision problems, binocular vision issues (including brain injury vision rehabilitation), conducted vision therapy for patients of all ages, and taught fourth-year optometry students in the binocular vision and pediatrics service.


Dr. Steven Manning began the Advanced Practice Fellowship in Binocular Vision and Pediatrics in June 2018. He will provide direct patient care, instruct in the Binocular Vision and Pediatrics Service and the Vision Therapy Service, and he will complete a master’s degree in vision science in 2020.