Record-Breaking Year for #OSUopt Academy Student Fellows

Congratulations to the following Ohio State University College of Optometry students, who have been named Student Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry. In a record-breaking year, 37 Ohio State Optometry students earned this prestigious honor.

According to the Academy, the Student Fellowship program is a great opportunity for students to engage in cutting-edge knowledge and technology through lectures, workshops, posters and much more. The program is geared to guide students to develop their skills as an optometric or vision science professional. The new Student Fellows are pictured above with Academy Advisor Dr. Greg Nixon and Academy Board Member Dr. Jeff Walline. 


New Student Fellows: 

Jaime Antonio

Mary Otoo

Krista Roberts

Megan Ahrns

Bethany Army

Kristen Bisig

Benjamin Cyphers

Jessica DeLuca

Jaime Etterling

Brandon Homan

Auston Hood

Lindsey Hutchinson

Megan Kieffer

Kristian LeJeune

Rebecca Lifer

Ryan Loney

Taylor Norris

Sarah Pace

Jeress Pendleton

Erlein Melissa Joy Tacastacas

Emma Thompson

Sara Wagner

Adell-Ann Walters

Lauren Weisgarber

Sawyer Ellis

Julia Evanoff

Sarah Gray

Megan Hafner

Joseph Lehman

Amy Myers

Stevie Njeru

Shaun O’Connor

Lydia Pickrell

Jacob Sander

Jessica Wolfe

Stephanie Shoults

Bryce St. Clair