2020 Graduate Award Winners

Class of 2020 Graduate Awards

Congratulations to the outstanding Graduate Awards winners from The Ohio State University College of Optometry Class of 2020!

Beta Sigma Kappa Silver Medal (Sponsored by VSP One)
Jacob L. Brown, OD

Eyewear Dispensing Award of Excellence (Sponsored by Hoya)
Theresa Watt, OD

Binocular Vision and Pediatrics Clinical Excellence Award
 (Sponsored by Safilo and Goodlight)
Farah Hamade, OD

Excellence in Vision Therapy Award (Sponsored by Shamir)
Taylor Michelle Brack, OD

Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinical Excellence Award (Sponsored by Silhouette, Walman Optical and Mattingly)
Sloane Rudolf, OD, MS

Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care (Sponsored by AAOF and VSP Global)
Jasmine Barker, OD

Community Outreach Clinical Excellence Award (Sponsored by OEI)
Mawada Osman, OD, MS

Primary Vision Care Clinical Excellence Award (Sponsored by Marchon)
Angelica Polizzi, OD

Advanced Ocular Care Clinical Excellence Award (Sponsored by Interstate Optical and Volk)
Jill Danker, OD

The Dr. Lyle Aloysius John Gassmann Memorial Award (Sponsored by the Gassmann Fund)
Joseph Lehman, OD, MS

Graduate of the Year (Sponsored by OEI)
Bridget Lorenz, OD

Individual videos of each award winner are available at: https://optometry.osu.edu/Class-2020-Graduate-Awards