Optometry Online Continuing Education Course Listing for 2021

The Ohio State University College of Optometry is currently offering a total of eight hours of online continuing education. Once successfully enrolled for one of our asynchronous online lectures, you have 30 days to complete the course. To gain the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) approved credit for all of our COPE approved courses, a short quiz must be completed at the end of these non-live lectures (online) to verify attendance.

Please look over our online optometry continuing education course listing for 2021:


Advanced Dry Eye Management - OPT CE 2021

This online optometric continuing education course course will review diagnostic dry eye testing, treatment and therapeutics. Specifically, thermodynamic treatment and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Instructor: Tatevik Movsisyan, OD, MS

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 70391-AS

Enroll now for the "Advanced Dry Eye Management" online course!


Hot Topics in Scleral Lenses - OPT CE 2021

Scleral lenses have become a great tool since the availability of high Dk gas permeable materials. As with all specialty lenses, there are challenges to fitting them. Developments in lens materials, coatings, and solutions – as well as technology – have been rapidly changing as this modality evolves. We will discuss difficulties, troubleshooting and methods to optimize fit and wear experience for patients.

Instructor: Jennifer Fogt, OD

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 70333-CL

Enroll now for the "Hot Topics in Scleral Lenses" online course!


Compliance, Hygiene, and Complications - OPT CE 2021

This online CE lecture will discuss evidence-based clinical practices and recommendations that minimize infectious and inflammatory contact lens-associated complications. The discussion will include disinfection and cleaning systems, storage cases, and lens accessories for both soft and hard contact lenses. This lecture will review some of the most common contact lens-associated complications associated with poor lens care. Finally, we will cover recommendations for handling and storage of multi-patient use diagnostic contact lenses.

Instructor: Kelsy Steele, OD, MS

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 68594-CL

Enroll now for the "Compliance, Hygiene, and Complications" online course!


Visual Fields and Falls - OPT CE 2021

In low vision rehabilitation, visual field measurement outside of standard automated perimetry protocols can provide valuable data about a patient’s condition. This knowledge can help inform decisions about safe travel as well as fall risk. This presentation covers principles of semi-automated kinetic perimetry, case examples of patients with complex visual field considerations, and a basic review of falls prevention from a vision standpoint.

Instructor: Rebecca Deffler, OD, MS

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 69189-LV

Enroll now for the "Visual Fields and Falls" online course!


MacTel - Tell me More - OPT CE 2021

Macular telangiectasia or MacTel is a relatively rare retinal vascular anomaly. Though it often presents unilaterally, in some cases it can be bilateral. This online continuing education course for optometry will serve as a review of macular telangiectasia from a clinical perspective.

Instructor: Danielle Orr, OD, MS

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 68604-PS

Enroll now for the "MacTel - Tell me More" online course!


Epidemic Turned Pandemic - OPT CE 2021

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is caused by a second SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), but we still hear the term COVID-19 applied to both the disease and the virus and the confusion does not stop here. Why did we go from an epidemic in China to a worldwide pandemic so quickly? How do you explain the myriad symptoms, what is the rationale for treatment strategies and why do so many people die from COVID-19? There appears to be confusion regarding how the virus is transmitted and how best to limit transmission, but should there be? What do we really know? And when can we expect and end to the pandemic and what does the road look like? All of these questions will be addressed, and it starts with a basic understanding of the virus and the disease it causes.

Instructor: Michael Oglesbee, DVM, PhD

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 70214-PB

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Epidemiology of COVID-19 - OPT CE 2021

This course will discuss the current epidemiology of COVID-19. This virus has been impacting the world for less than one year and this course will describe the current knowledge of who is most at risk and will review the scientific evidence behind the strategies to help mitigate virus transmission.

Instructor: Zachary Weber, BS, MS

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 69505-PB

Enroll now for the "Epidemiology of COVID-19" online course!


Bilateral Retinopathy: Diabetes and Hypertension - OPT CE 2021

Hypertension and diabetes are two very common systemic conditions that many people have simultaneously and both conditions can adversely affect the vasculature of the retina. The vasculature changes that can occur with each condition are very similar and can sometimes be difficult to differentiate with certainty. This online CE course presentation will use case examples to differentiate the etiology and determine the severity l of diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive retinopathy.

Instructor: Jocelyn Daniel, OD

1 credit

$30 enrollment fee

COPE: 68578-PS

Enroll now for the "Bilateral Retinopathy: Diabetes and Hypertension" online course!


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