Practice Opportunities Network

The Ohio State University College of Optometry “Practice Opportunities Network” provides excellent opportunities for practitioners, alumni, residents, and students to explore the potential to join together.

The Ohio State University College of Optometry is nationally recognized for its excellence in producing graduates who have achieved the highest levels of classroom and clinical expertise. As a result, our graduates are prepared for all that optometry has to offer.

Ohio State would be pleased to make available to all students, alumni, and other interested optometrists information regarding practice opportunities. Please use the links below to submit any information about your opportunity or share your availability to connect to an opportunity.  Submissions will be posted to the site within one to three business days and will remain active for 6 months. After that time the information will be considered inactive and will be removed. You are welcome to repost if needed. 

Please keep in mind, Ohio State currently does not release the names of our students/alumni. Individuals interested in the information you provide are expected to make contact with you directly. The site is intended to serve as a self service forum to connect with potential opportunities. Posting to this site does not gaurentee that you will receive a response, although we find that the more robust and detailed descritions tend to get the most interest. 

We wish you success in finding the right doctor for you and your practice or the right practice for you as a Doctor of Optometry.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Timothy D. Fries, OD, MBA, MPH, FAAO
Assistant Professor - Practice
College of Optometry 
A 300 Starling-Loving Hall, 338 W. 10th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-8053 Office