Research Seminars

The College of Optometry provides several seminars per semester that cover new developments in vision science. Speakers in this seminar series are those working in vision-related research, and may be from Ohio State's College of Optometry, from other departments around Ohio State, or from institutions throughout the world.


The purpose of the seminars is to provide students, faculty and other interested parties with an awareness of the types of questions that are being studied in vision science, the methods being used to study these questions, the backgrounds of the researchers studying the questions, the results of recent research, the clinical application of these results, and the unanswered questions.


Unless noted otherwise, seminars take place in 33 Fry Hall from noon to 1:00 p.m on select Tuesdays.


Fall 2017 Seminars

August 29: Aaron Zimmerman

September 12: Zhong-Lin Lu

October 24: Megan Collins

October 31: Ann Morrison

November 7: Rowan Candy

November 14: Maureen Plaumann

November 28: Phil Yuhas


Spring 2018 Seminars

January 9: Steve Burns

January 23: Marjean Kulp

February 20: Gislin Dagneilie

March 6: Emma Wu Dowd

March 20: Melissa Bailey

April 3: Del Lindsey

April 10: David Berntsen