Student wearing gloves near a microscope


We welcome participation from Ohio State undergraduate volunteers who wish to gain research experience.

The College of Optometry conducts vision science research and teaches students about the importance and rigors of research. If you want to volunteer in a research laboratory, please read the volunteer agreement before proceeding. If you are accepted as a student volunteer, this agreement must be signed by both the student and the Principal Investigator. A copy must be maintained by the Principal Investigator and provided to the Human Resources Manager, the student, and the Associate Dean for Research.

We cannot guarantee a volunteer research position for all applicants. If you wish to volunteer, send an email to Dr. Walline, stating when you would like to volunteer and previous research experience (if any), and attach a resume. The email will be forwarded to our graduate faculty to respond to you if they may have an opportunity. If you do not hear from anyone within two weeks, that means we don’t have any opportunities at that time.

All volunteers should also be aware of the following:

  • Volunteering for research in the College of Optometry does not count toward the 10+ hours of optometric observation required for admission to our professional program
  • Conducting research in the College of Optometry is not required for admission, nor is it more meaningful to the admissions committee than research conducted elsewhere
  • Volunteer opportunities are not available in Optometry Services due to HIPAA regulations
  • All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, unless participating in a Metro Fellowship.