Student Focus 2021

Student Focus on Jose Germain

December 2021

Jose GermainJose Germain, an #OSUopt Class of 2025 student, chose Ohio State Optometry because, “I knew I wanted to learn from and train with the best.” As his first semester comes to a close, he says the relationships he’s built with classmates have been tremendously valuable. “The friendships we’ve made have really contributed to a positive learning environment, and I also really enjoy spending time with them outside of the classroom,” he says.

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Student Focus on Lauren Schneider

November 2021

Lauren SchneiderLauren Schneider’s (Class of 2022) love of science led her to pursue optometry, and her desire to study at an institution with the benefits and resources of a major university and the smaller class size of a private institution led her to Ohio State.

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Student Focus on Derek Eibon

October 2021

Derek EibonIn Derek Eibon’s (#OSUopt Class of 2022) first extern experience, he rotated through different outreach sites in Columbus. He says, “My favorite part of Outreach was being able to help patients who were in less fortunate situations and being able to make a difference in their lives.”

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Student Focus on Jenna Jamil

September 2021

Jenna JamilAt her admissions interview, Jenna Jamil ( #OSUopt Class of 2022) immediately felt welcomed and knew that Ohio State Optometry was the right place for her. She says her first impression was, “All of the students and faculty were very kind, and it had a family-friendly sort of environment. Rather than being super competitive with each other, everyone seemed very encouraging, and truly wanted each other to succeed.”

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Student Focus on Liz Nickell

August 2021

Liz NickellTake a look at the unique #OSUopt experience of OPT II Liz Nickell in August’s Student Focus. Liz says, “From day one, I always felt so incredibly supported. Even though our first year was not a traditional one, all the faculty went above and beyond for our class.”

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Student Focus on Brandon Lim

July 2021

Brandon LimThird-year #OSUopt student Brandon Lim has been busy this summer taking classes and seeing patients in the clinic. He truly values the connections he has made with his fellow students. He says, “My classmates have played a huge role in keeping me sane. There is also a sense of camaraderie - going through the same intense curriculum while we all navigate through a pandemic, social injustices, and all sorts of life events.”

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