Student Focus 2022

Student Focus on Tallon Kramer

July 2022

Tallon KramerTallon Kramer’s (Class of 2025) first impression of Ohio State Optometry was, “WOW.” He said, “Walking into such a welcoming optometry family of both friends and faculty from day one made the transition super easy. The campus is also huge and so different from what I experienced in undergrad. I am so thankful to have been accepted into such an incredible program and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.”

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Student Focus on Emily Watson

May/June 2022

Emily WatsonOhio State Optometry Class of 2023 student Emily Watson instantly felt accepted when she started optometry school. She says, “Ohio State is a huge school, but the optometry program makes it feel like a small school, which really surprised me! You get the best of both worlds; small school feel with all the opportunities that OSU has to offer!”

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Student Focus on Mitchell Pulleo

April 2022

Mitchell PulleoSecond-year student Mitchell Pulleo remembers when he put on his first pair of glasses as a child, “I was amazed by the sharp and defined world that I had been missing out on while previously living with uncorrected refractive error.” Today, he’s working toward a degree that will allow him to provide this experience for countless others.

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Student Focus on Fareedah Haroun

March 2022

Fareedah HarounFareedah Haroun, who will graduate in May, pursued optometry because, “I always had a passion for serving others; it was instilled in me by my parents. As a result, it was important for me to enter a profession driven by compassion and service.” Ohio State was the perfect higher education option for this soon-to-be doctor!

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Student Focus on Mykia Kidd

February 2022

Mykia KiddFirst-year student Mykia Kidd chose Ohio State Optometry for its reputation and legacy of excellence. “I love that it is a close-knit community and family-like from the moment you apply through the rest of your career.”

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Student Focus on Mary Curtis

January 2022

Mary CurtisOptometry aligned with everything Mary Curtis wanted in a health care career – changing patients’ lives for the better while still maintaining a great work-life balance – and Ohio State was a perfect fit for this Hilliard native. She says, “After the interview day I had no doubts any longer that Ohio State Optometry was meant to be my home for the next four years.”

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